S.S Plastics is a full-service manufacturing company. We are specialized in delivering consulting, packaging Design and material solutions that increase productivity, competitiveness and deliver cost savings. Our success is founded on professionalism, integrity and exceptional client service delivering the highest standard of productions tailored to your Business needs and objectives.

Our team are specialists in providing services to small, medium and large-scale businesses in following areas:

Flexible Bags Manufacturing

Packaging plays a vital role  to enhance product protection. We have an in-house machine that able to manufacture plastics bags for or products and for client specifics.

Bag Printings

When it comes to look of product packaging,  S.S Plastics focus on quality and product appeal. Our printing quality reflects the level of product packed inside. However our finest product can be viewed:


S.S Plastics provides the expertise in towards production for enterprise culture. Our focused industries are mainly Textile, Health, Oil & Gas pharmaceuticals, education, Banking and various other depending on the needs.


We have established a remarkable distribution network to reach a growing number of customers. At highest level, distribution to these two segments is via both direct and indirect routes. Our extensive network of distributors stretches more than 3 countries.